Oh, it’s a subterranean mash up, all right. It’s a place of mordor and torpor that bleeds up, down also, its a realm without borders unless you count the mountains, of course you have to count the mountains they definitely hem; they try you, test you, trap you, or not you, probably not you, but […]

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Inside outsides

Here is my business card. It shows a photograph taken by Herbert Ponting during Robert Falcon Scott’s Antarctic expedition of 1910-13. People, whom I give this card to, often remark on the striking image. It shows a cave, fringed with icicles, looking out to a frozen sea beyond. They often assume I took the photograph […]

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Yellow Steps

Yellow steps in old pine, part of a wooden staircase once collapsed now revived. Collapse, revive, breathe in, and out. Repeat. Stairs are very high, ideas are very strange. I remember hanging over the banister and scraping off the paint. With nails first, until a vicious fleck like a tack jabbed itself under the soft […]

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